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In the twenty-first century, few things are more important to a business than a strong ranking on Google. Internet traffic stemming from search engines funnel so many customers towards businesses that countless companies have abandoned physical retail outlets altogether.

The process of improving your business’s Google ranking isn’t complicated, but does require patience, as well as a commitment to creating great content. The best way to catch Google’s attention is to create pages that provide value, and which target a few specific keywords — not a wide variety.

Although you should have a rough idea of the pages you’d like…

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Although today Youtube is the global hub of online video publishing, there’s no guarantee it will last forever - or even that your account won’t be banned. The premise of a large social media site collapsing isn’t unfounded, either — take MySpace and Bebo. Better still, consider Vine. Some of the most successful Youtubers today — such as David Dobrik — began posting on Youtube to protect their online presence, whilst they focused on Vine.

When Should You Start?

The best time to start building an additional revenue streams is now. Lots of people make the mistake of waiting until they need an additional…

When it comes to advertising, nothing beats building a genuine relationship with your customers

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Breaking into an industry is hard, particularly in the digital world. You’re up against worldwide competition, ranging from small shops to tech giants. To stand out you have to do something special. If no one knows who you are, or what your business offers then how can you expect to succeed?

Digital promotion comes in several flavours. A common approach is to focus on optimising your website to rank higher in search results — search engine optimisation, or SEO. Paid advertising is another frequently used way of publicising your business and it’s services. …

Adsense, affiliate marketing, and more…

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Managing a website not only takes a lot of time, but comes with overheads such as hosting and domain name fees. Understandably, many creators look to monetise their website in order to see some kind of return on their time. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can generate revenue from your site. We’re going to discuss four of the most popular options: Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, paid product placements, and selling to your audience.

Monetising Your Website With Google Adsense

Without a shadow of a doubt, Google Adsense is the most popular way for creators to earn an income from their website. Initially released…

NFTs are the latest hype in a string of blockchain related technologies. In the past couple of months there’s been an explosion in their popularity, with the popular Nyan Cat meme GIF selling for 300 Ethereum (or almost $600,000). This might already sound a little crazy, but consider that a group known as BurntBanksy bought a 2006 Banksy print titled Morons for $33,000 with the intention of creating an NFT — only to burn it to ashes in a hope it would transfer value to the NFT itself.

Although the most documented applications of NFTs could be considered edge cases…

WallStreetBets (WSBs) had been slowly growing in popularity since it’s inception in late January, 2012. Then the GME saga of 2021 hit — which saw WSBs’ user base more than triple to ~9.5 million “Degenerates” in little over a month. As the popularity of WSBs has increased, some have turned to the subreddit for investing advice. Although basing decisions solely off of WSBs posts is a terrible idea, considering it as part of wider analysis can be extremely valuable.

Whilst you could manually analyse posts, automating the process can save a lot of time. There are two main ways of…

To earn money online you’ve got to perform an exchange — something perceived to be valuable in return for financial reward. Online businesses and creators (such as Youtubers and Bloggers) often turn to Google Adsense, brand deals, and referral links to provide an income. Amazon offer one of the most popular referral programs today, however, it’s far from their most lucrative method of earning money. By taking advantage of Amazon’s “Fulfilled by Amazon” service individuals have created million-dollar businesses without ever handling physical goods.

Amazon’s Affiliate program (also known as Amazon Associates) is one of the largest affiliate marketing programs…

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